Hi there, I'm Rob.

Web developer, digital designer, video-game programmer. I am passionate about creating engaging, memorable, and efficient digital products and experiences for a variety of purposes.

I love going through the entire process with the customer from concept to deployment, ensuring that I build a close relationship with all of my clients to generate the best website or application for their needs.

I am actively seeking new freelance projects and employment opportunities, so please don't hesitate to get in touch!

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2021 - PRESENT
Freelance Web Developer

Working on a variety of exciting web projects for a range of purposes.

CAD Roof Truss & OpenWeb Joist Designer
Creating and designing roofs for new houses, using industry-leading MiTek PAMIR software.

2020 - 2021
Unreal Engine Game Programmer

Contracted to produce a fully-procedural climbing system for a large, upcoming video game release, using Unreal Engine 4.

Trained in programming

Completed a number of paid online courses, spanning over a hundred hours, to establish and consolidate my programming knowledge across many languages.

2016 - 2017
Hit 2 million+ total game plays

Created and released a web-based horror game, using the Unity game engine, which went on to receive over two million plays over it's life cycle.

Featured Commercial Project

The Job Office - Rec2Rec Recruitment Agency Job Board

Full website re-design and development for a market-leading Rec2Rec recruitment agency, with a full job board for the client to post new vacancies, a front-end admin panel, and candidate application tracking functionality - all built using the popular hosting platform WordPress.

The site was designed in a professional and clean manner; reflecting, and projecting, the brand’s professional image and company ethos to its clients and users. For maximum outreach, the website was designed with accessibility in mind at all stages of the development process.

Furthermore, my client requested a simple front-end admin dashboard to allow them to easily add, edit and remove jobs or candidates, using a secure admin login page.

Similarly, functionality was added for candidates to submit their CVs via an upload-ready contact form, which was then automatically formatted and sent to my client's admin dashboard, for easy management of applicants.

My Web Design & Development Portfolio

The Job Office LTD | Commercial Release
Full job-board website design and creation for a market-leading Rec2Rec agency, with a front-end admin panel, candidate and application tracking, SEO, and many more features.
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Photon | Image Searching API
An infinitely-loading, responsive, image search website. Users can visit artist profiles, and download copyright free images - using external APIs and AJAX loading.
View Live Demo

Gorzo | App Landing Page
An attractive product or app landing page, designed for a great UX. This site features 3D CSS animations, smooth JS transitions, an attractive layout, and is responsive to all screen sizes.
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Architectural Company | Landing Page
Fully-responsive, architectural company website with dynamic, sliding side-bar navigation, and advanced 3D CSS animations for an attractive page-loading transition.

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Wine House | Horizontal JS Scrolling
Responsive, horizontally-scrolling website achieved using JavaScript. JavaScript pagination numbering shows what number page the user is currently on and allows for infinite scrolling.

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Apple | E-Commerce Product Page
Fully responsive e-commerce product page with 3D, interactive, product display achieved using pure CSS. The site includes multiple advanced CSS animations to create an engaging and memorable user-experience.View Live Demo

JavaScript Form Validator
This form validator ensures that all of the fields are filled out correctly before allowing submission. CSS classes are dynamically applied to communicate invalid or valid fields.
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Cinema Seat Booking App
A simple, JavaScript-based, cinema seat booking application with real-time price calculation. The website also uses local storage to save selected seats.

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3D Model/Product Showcase
Featuring full drag and drop functionality, zooming, and more, using ThreeJS. Can be used for displaying interactive products or models for a wide range of purposes.

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My Skill Set

I have over 8 years experience in web design, game programming, and development.
Below is a list of all the ways in which I can help make a powerful impression in the digital world.


I have strong design skills and knowledge from my studies in Graphic Design and web best-practices. I am proficient in Photoshop, and can create a variety of digital work for all purposes.

These skills allow me to achieve the client's perfect product; integrating their company ethos in my designs, whilst ensuring reliability and providing the best front-end experience for their users.


I can code my designs from the ground up, using HTML, CSS and JS, alongside the use of popular hosting platforms, such as WordPress, to create and host a variety of websites.

I actively stay up to date on all of the latest technologies, and can confidently use WordPress and Elementor to create a wide array of visually-appealing and engaging websites.


My favourite design tools are Photoshop and Illustrator; which I can use to create attractive website mockups, company logos, branding, and much more.

I'm always sure to conform to the latest design best-practices to ensure maximum accessibility for the products I release, and catering to as wide of an audience as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

The best way to reach me is by email at robert@robertbaxter.co.uk.
Using my extensive knowledge of the Adobe Creative Suite and design experience, I am able to design and build engaging and creative websites in ways that best serve any business. Alternatively, I am able to develop websites to any pre-existing designs in an efficient and orderly manner, using the latest technologies for an optimal user-experience.
Yes, I am always be available to make any future changes, fixes and adjustments to projects, as per your requirement.
I am always looking for exciting new website or employment opportunities, so please get in touch by email at robert@robertbaxter.co.uk to discuss any kind of project or query that you have in mind.

Contact Me

For any type of projects or opportunities, please get in touch by email at robert@robertbaxter.co.uk

Alternatively, you can get in touch by mobile at 07546852384.