Hello! I am Robert Baxter

Responsive Front-End Web Developer using HTML, CSS, Javascript, Bootstrap and more!

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Technical Skills

Robert Baxter 17th February, 2019 visit my github



Javascript (projects)

Passionate about design, build approaches and web best practices

Confident intercepting creative briefs which result in being able to add value

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My most recent project

Robert Baxter 15th February, 2019 48 Comments

Project description

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I have a Youtube channel

Robert Baxter 10th February, 2019 63 Comments

Some info about the channel?

Visit my Youtube
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Other achievements

Robert Baxter 7th Febraury, 2019 12 Comments

Cadets, GCSEs, YLS award, volunteering, wing marksman, maths best student, kongregate game

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Robert Baxter 3rd Feb, 2019 25 Comments

Thanks for visiting, contact me!

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